The Letter of the Law

Laws are passed for three reasons:

1. The Law serves the public need, like the criminal laws against fraud.
2. The Law serves special interest needs, like the billions of dollars of “pork-barrel spending attached to most legislation passed by Congress.
3. The Law serves the needs of Government, like the Tax Code or laws denying accused Terrorists of rights under our Constitution.

The weakness in the legal system is that the written Law (The Letter of the Law) never completely reflects the intent of the Law (The Spirit of the Law). For instance, a car dealer can sell you a lemon, but is very unlikely to be charged under the criminal code for the act. And, so more laws are passed to close the loophole that only create more loopholes. In the end, the legal system of any country is only as good as the people are willing to comply with both the Letter and Spirit of the Law.

As the trend in the States has been toward the passage of more and more laws that service special interest or government interest issues, the willingness of the people to comply with the Law has been in decline.

The British Legal System of which America is an heir had a solution to this problem. It was in the practice of not only applying the Law, but the rulings on the Law that had occurred in the Land before the current case was held. These Rulings, done by juries included the right for the jury to decide the Law was wrong. Americans lost this right to review the merits of the Law in 1899, when the U.S. Supreme Court held that a judge was not required to tell the jury of their right to reject the Law under which the accused was being tried. The legal system defends this lose of the right of the people to evaluate the merits of any Law on the grounds that it would lead to a chaotic legal system. The fact is that the legal system didn’t collapse in Britain after the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. It is undergoing failure since the 1899 Supreme Court decision.

The core legal problem for Americans is that they are losing their rights. The gap between the Bill of Rights and the rights of the accused is widening. The Press has lost its right to protect confidential sources. This means that fewer people informed of what the Government is actually doing will talk to reporters. The Court recently ruled that the U.S. President is not a King and does not have a divine right to undertake searches without warrants. The list of fading civil rights grows as does the passage of Laws that don’t serve the public interest.

The defense against this trend toward living in 1984 is simply to comply with the Letter of the Law while doing whatever you may believe to be in your best interest. It’s a matter of having a global vision and moving some of your assets beyond the reach of Washington.

Anyone can become an Enemy of the State. After WWII, the enemies of America according to our Government were Communists. This policy created the McCarthy Hearings, blacklisting socialists, etc. However, what damage did the Communist “Fifth Column” actually do to America? With the decline of the U.S.S.R, the Government temporarily opted to have the far right (Ruby Ridge), the far left (SLA), organized crime and drug cartels as the Enemy of the State. Since 9/11, the Enemy of the State has been Fundamental Islamic Extremists. These 20,000 or so aspiring suicide bombers are lead by a fanatic living in a cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan. Do they hate America? Yes. However, it’s the Government in Washington that is working hard to bring down America. The laws, rules and regulations that we have passed are destroying our economy. In one month, Washington does more damage to the America people than Osama has done in five years. We come back to the issue that the Laws are pass are often not in the best public interest.

The individual American’s defense against insanity is to comply with the Letter of Laws that don’t make sense and then do whatever you feel serves your best interests. The public’s defense against a legal system going in the wrong direction is to vote the politicians out and put in some honest folks with common sense. Since I don’t see the public requiring intelligent, honest politicians, your only defense is to company with the letter of the Law and Globalize to Survive.


The vital importance of forgiveness may not be obvious at first, but you may sure that it is not by chance that every great spiritual teacher has insisted strongly upon it. The law healthy to the degree that you can freely forgive and forget offence done against you. You must forgive injustices; not just in words, but in your heart. This is required not for someone else’s sake, but for yours. Failure to carry life to those whom you have ridged to have wronged you. Forgiveness means changing any misconceptions. When we forgive another for any things that he or she may have done to us, we are really saying, “I no longer give you the power to control who I am, how I think, and how I will behave for my life. The inability to forgive lies at the root of all negative emotions-resentment, condemnation, hatred and guilt. Medical science has proved that holding a grudge or harboring anger toward those who you feel have hurt you to a major cause of illness. To fulfill your potential, to develop your full spiritual capability a capacity, you must let go. And cut the cord to anger and resentment. You must forgive.
Nearly 50years ago, an old country physician, wrote a short but memorable article entitled “the best medicine”. Though the author died a short time after publishing his moving piece, he still lives on in the midis of thousands of people. wrote, each of us can lighten our own load by for giving or performing some small deed for someone else. In this manner, we can make the past recede as the present and future will again take on their true challenge and perspective. As a doctor, I’ve seen it tried many times, and nearly always it’s been a far more successful prescription than anything I could have ordered from. The drugs stare”.
One of the most difficult, things for any individual to do is to forgive his or her past mistakes or the mistakes of others, to let by genes be gone. This small stroke of maturity is easy to say but difficult to do. we all known people who sit and play with the tragedies of the past like children in a sand box —refusing to forgive those who have wrong them in any way. They should instead think and hard on the words of Shakespeare. “Things without remedy should be without regard” in other words, what is done its time to forgiven and forget.its time to turn to the future with the wisdom brought by past pain and begin to consider the needs and desire of our fellow man.
One of the most memorable cover of a national magazine appeared some many years ago. it was a picture of Nelson Mandela embracing F.W.the KLERK, south African president the man and the symbol of the unjust society that in cercerated him for Twenty seven years of his life. That portrait of forgiveness left a lasting impression on me. Thirty years prior; that same picture was dream featuring MALCOM X, the former Muslim minister, after he made his last pilgrimage to the holy land. Malcom X returned a new man, completely transformed. People whom we consider relevant or spiritual or role models of decency are always ready to forgive without qualification or doubt. They do not cloud their conscientiousness with thought for anger or vengeance directed towards those who have attempted to wrong them. Rather, they provide society with a model of forgiveness. Forgiving brings forgiveness. Failure to forgive create hell for the unforgiver, not the unforgiving. Practice forgiveness. It is the greatest act!
These mental laws are the most powerful forces ever discovered. Each laws enables you to begin unlocking the power of your subconscious mind. Use these principles in a positive and systematic way. In every attempt to improve your current circumstances, never allow yourself to drift from those time proven principles that have flowed from generation to generation in a steady stream to serve as the fundamentals for finding, developing, and living the good life. In the simplest terms, success being by exercising your power of choice to take direct control over your thoughts. By disciplining yourself to think and talk and act in accordance with these mental laws, you being to live life on purpose. You being to develop what writer and lecturer of Brain Tracy term a “sense of destiny” which is the hallmark of true success.

A Guide on Buying Sterling Ridge homes

When buying Sterling Ridge homes, you need to have all the information on the Village. This way, you will determine whether it is the best place for you before making an investment. Sterling Ridge is a new residential area of The Woodlands. The Village has homes that come in different styles and price ranges. There are also new homes that are being built, especially in the western part of the Village.

Some of the amenities and facilities in Sterling Ridge include the Terramont, Cranebrook, Carlton Woods and Artist Grove Parks, the Gary Player Golf Course, the Sterling Ridge Village Center, a Kroger signature supermarket, a popular restaurant called Perry’s, a Walmart Supercenter, a Starbucks restaurant, and many others.

The ready-built homes include Custom Homes and Golf Course Homes and the starting price is at the $180’s to the $2 Millions in areas such as Star Ridge, Artist Grove, Bantam Woods, Scribewood, Archwyck, Abram Woods, Bryce Branch, Beckonvale, Chantsong, Marquise Oaks, Old Sterling, Pepperdale, Strawberry Canyon, Sterling Pointe, and Seasons Trace.

If this price is prohibitively high for you, you should consider buying a lot and building from scratch. There is a new 400-acre expansion of the village in May Valley. There is controlled development here that is being driven by home building companies such as Lennar Homes, Plantation Homes, Wilshire Homes, Chesmar Homes, and Highland Homes.

There are also plans to build about 900 homesteads for single family homes and town homes in Spindle Tree. The plans by The Woodlands Development Company also include 2 parks and bike and hike trails. The starting price is expected to be in the $190’s.

Before buying Real Estate in Sterling Ridge, know what you want and do thorough research to avoid disappointment. You can do the research online or by asking a resident about the Village. When doing research, consider such things as proximity to schools and other amenities, the crime rate, transportation, and other relevant issues.

Once you decide to buy Sterling Ridge real estate, look for a real estate agent to assist you in the buying process in Sterling Ridge it is wise to enlist their services because they know the local laws and regulations, they know the asking prices, they know all the good homes, and they are in a good position to advice you on relevant matters and a buyers agent is always free of charge to the buyer.

When comparing homes in Sterling Ridge, consider your future plans such as expansion plans if you intend to grow your family. Do not settle for the first home you come across since there are many homes on sale and you will find one that suits your specific needs if you search patiently.

When buying Sterling Ridge homes for sale, note that there is always a risk when you represent yourself of paying more than the house is worth. You should therefore avoid making transactions to buy Sterling Ridge homes online €” deal one-on-one with the seller and follow the stipulated rules and regulations.

The Basics of Fingerprints Lifting for Law Enforcement

Fingerprints are some of the best evidence left behind by criminals. Learn the proper tools and techniques you need to lift fingerprints.
Law enforcement officers are called to crime scenes such as burglaries where fingerprints are often the only evidence left behind by criminals. Every responding patrol officer must know how to properly process a crime scene, including identifying, printing, gathering and documenting fingerprint evidence. Here is a basic guide to help you gather the best evidence using the latest fingerprint supplies and tools.
Understand the process. Most fingerprints left behind by suspects are latent or invisible fingerprints. These prints will need to be identified via physical or chemical development. The purpose of this technique is to locate the fingerprint so that it can be gathered and/or photographed. Although it is not always certain that you will find fingerprints, the proper fingerprinting kits and tools should increase your chances of locating usable prints.
Use the right tools. Your toolkit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Essential tools include a brush, black powder, lifting tape and cards. Unlike fingerprint pads down at the police station, these tools are designed to help locate and lift latent prints. When it comes to fingerprint powder, basic black powder should be sufficient. If you’re processing prints on a very dark hued surface, use bi-chromatic powder. When lifting prints off of a smooth surface, use traditional lifting tape. Otherwise use polyethylene tape for curved surfaces.
Tips for successful lifting: When applying powder on the latent fingerprint, less is more. Over-processing the fingerprint will wash out the ridge detail. However, too little powder won’t get the job done right. When it’s time to collect the fingerprint, gently apply the lifting tape evenly. Follow the rules of your specific agency and type of case including photographing the prints before collection if necessary.
Unfortunately, lifting prints at a crime scene is much harder than using a fingerprint ink strip – your suspect is still on the loose. Use solid techniques to ensure that you capture usable prints at the crime scene and increase your chances of capturing the suspect.

Skilled DUI Defense Lawyers

What does DUI stand for? DUI is the abbreviation for the term “Driving Under Influence”. When a person is charged with the offense of driving in a state of intoxication, a Knoxville DUI attorney comes to his or her aid, to help them fight their case. A DUI charge is one of the most common offenses conducted in Tennessee and all over the U.S. In most states in the United States, drunk driving is a serious offense as is equally punishable as a criminal drug, shoplifting or assault offence.

Overall, Tennessee DUI cases are often very difficult to handle one should seek the advise of a skilled Knoxville DUI defense lawyer to represent them in the legal procedures. DUI attorneys, when wisely chosen, can justly protect the client from the harassment of losing their driving license and even going to jail.

DUI Defense Lawyer

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) pertains to people who tend to drive while under the influence of alcohol, whereas a different term, driving under the influence DUI, is used to refer cases in which people resort to driving after consuming alcohol or doing drugs. A Knoxville DUI attorney handles cases of this kind and helps the client to combat the offense they are charged with after drunk driving. Any person charged with such a case requires the help a DUI lawyer who will guide them through the different legal proceedings before the client is given their verdict from their case. Generally, a person charged with the offense of DUI can face numerous consequences, including suspension of their driver’s license and other penalties. An experienced Knoxville attorney can help them save their driving rights and prevent them from landing up in jail. At times, DUI laws can be far more complicated than it actually seems to be and seeking the legal representation of a skilled Knoxville DUI lawyercan suffice.
Knoxville Attorney

Should you have a DUI case in Knox County, Knoxville Drunk driving defense lawyer Marcos M. Garza has the experience to handle all driving under the influence cases throughout the state of Tennessee including, but not limited to, Knoxville, Maryville, Lenior City, Oak Ridge, Maynardville, Tazewell, Sevierville, Morristown and Athens TN. Contact us right now to find out what your legal options are in your case. The decision to plead guilty or fight your case could affect the rest of your life.

At the Garza Law firm we fight for your rights in order to protect your future. The call is free, We offer a free consultation so what do you have to loose. Call us today at 865-540-8300 or 1-888-540-8300